Learn database queries by snapping blocks.


- DBSnap-Eval Paper Accepted at ITiCSE'22

- DBSnap 2 Paper Accepted at ITiCSE'22

- DBSnap 2.0 is available now! This new version brings many improvements including the support of views, exporting and importing queries, and new more flexible result grids. You can access DBSnap 2.0 here.

- Members of our team will present the latest features of DBSnap at Snap!Con 2020 on July 30th, 2020. The online session details are available here.

- DBSnap++ Paper Accepted at ITiCSE'18.

- You can try DBSnap++, a variant of DBSnap that enables the creation of programs that integrate conventional instructions and database queries, here.

- Story about our SIGCSE'15 presentation [ASU New College Blog] (link)

- DBSnap Paper Accepted at SIGCSE'15

- System Demonstration Paper Accepted at ICDE'15

- DBSnap Live Demo Now Available (Sep 12, 2014)

- WAESO Undergraduate Research Proposal Funded

- Summer Collegiate Experience (SCE) Demo

- NCUIRE Award Granted

LUC. DBSnap.